Hemp for dogs and horses

Feed hemp? I already heard about that. Isn’t that an intoxicant?
First of all, we would like to reassure you. The feed hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is neither intoxicating nor addictive. In contrast to Indian hemp, it only contains an INEFFECTIVE THC content of less than 1%. Now the question arises, why feed hemp to dogs and horses? Very easily. Feed hemp is a 100% natural additional feed and contains numerous ingredients that not only do your darling good, but can also keep them fit and vital.

Ingredients of the feed hemp
What makes feed hemp such a vital bomb?
It actually contains:

  • all amino acids essential for dogs
  • important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Vitamin B (especially vitamins B1 and B2) and minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber

In fact, hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids that are important for the body of dogs and horses. Din four-legged friends have to consume these regularly through their food or various additional feeds, as the body cannot produce the essential amino acids itself. The amino acids are necessary for the development and function of muscles, connective tissues, the brain, nervous system, hormonal balance and the cardiovascular system. A deficiency can lead to a drop in performance, muscle breakdown and a higher susceptibility to infection.

They also contain important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a ratio of 3: 1. They too have to be ingested through food and contribute to cell renewal.

Hemp seeds contain important vitamins and trace elements. The vitamin B2 in particular stands out here. It helps the organism to reduce stress and supports all metabolic processes. The trace elements iron and zinc are also contained in significant amounts in hemp seeds.

Areas of application of feed hemp in dogs
Feed hemp has a wide range of health-promoting properties and helps your darling to stay holistically fit and vital.
You can use it for:

  • Chronic bowel disease
  • Coat and skin problems (eczema)
  • Change of coat
  • Metabolic problems
  • Muscle regeneration
  • Muscle building
  • Allergys

Are there any side effects with feed hemp?
Normally, the feed hemp is eaten very easily and easily by dogs and horses. Since the hemp seeds contain neither gluten nor lactose, there are no known allergens that could harm the dog or your horse. The THC-free feed hemp does not cause any significant side effects and can therefore be fed to without hesitation.


  • The feed hemp does NOT cause intoxicating effects and is also NOT addictive.
  • It is a purely natural product with numerous high-quality ingredients. These promote the health of your four-legged friend and keep them fit and vital.
  • The areas of application are very extensive. For example, it can be used for chronic intestinal diseases, skin problems, coat change disorders, muscle regeneration, muscle building and allergies.
  • Due to its very good tolerance, feed hemp can be fed to dogs and horses without hesitation.

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